Where Will The Bitcoin Price In 2016 Go?

Bitcoin Price 2016We’ve writen about the Bitcoin price drop that lasted nearly 2 years, from November of 2013 until the Fall of 2015. Since the Bitcoin price low last Fall, Bitcoin has doubled in value by early 2016.

So what happens now, and for the remainder of the year?

Our prediction for the Bitcoin price in 2016 is for its worth to reach $2,000 USD before the year is over. There’s no shortage of factors that are Bitcoin-bullish which will contribute to the impressive gains we anticipate for Bitcoin this year. You can read about them in Bitcoin price news.

When it comes to pinpointing exactly the primary factor that is and will continue to push Bitcoin’s value higher in 2016 and beyond, there’s no denying that the elephant in the room is China. With a huge portion of the world’s population, and faltering mainstream Chinese financial markets, Bitcoin will benefit greatly from an inflow of Chinese interest.

Now is the time to buy Bitcoin before Chinese demand drives the price much higher.