Bitcoin Price Projections

Bitcoin Price ProjectionsFuture Bitcoin price projections are all over the map. Bitcoin naysayers are like a broken record, all they can keep repeating is that “Bitcoin will be dead by then.” They’ve been completely wrong so far, and they’ll continue to do so.

Our projections are in the upper range of what most in the Bitcoin market are forecasting. We are on record with a prognosis of $2,000 USD before 2016 is over.

For 2017, we have stated that Bitcoin will reach $5,000 USD. You can read why here.

For 2018, American venture capitalist Tim Draper projects that the Bitcoin price will reach $10,000. We feel his projection is conservative, and our foresight is for a major mainstream financial crisis will occur before then that will drive hundreds of millions of people into Bitcoin who will be looking to protect their money and exit a failing system.

Here is Mr. Draper in an interview on Fox News: