Bitcoin Price Low

Bitcoin Price LowAfter surging to about $1,200 USD in November of 2013, the Bitcoin price started a steady, relentless decline that lasted nearly 2 full years. It reached its lowest price in the Fall of 2015. The question on everyone’s mind is, “Was that THE Bitcoin price low?”

We believe it was.


Well, we are very confident that the bullish factors continue to gain momentum in Bitcoin’s favor. Wall Street and the mainstream financial industry is getting involved. That should tell you evernything you need to know about Bitcoin’s long term trend. They are getting involved because the know the potential. Venture capitalists wouldn’t be investing tens of millions of dollars if they didn’t expect a many-fold return on that investment.

If the smartest guys in the house are putting their money into Bitcoin, that’s as strong a “tell” as you’ll ever get.

It’s probably a good time to join them and buy Bitcoin before the public masses do.