Bitcoin Price Is On The Rise

Bitcoin Price On The RiseFrom the time that Bitcoin was released by the developer to the public, which was January of 2009, the Bitcoin price was on the rise. The value of Bitcoin soared until late 2013. For nearly the next two years, Bitcoin prices fell in nearly all of the world’s currencies.

Around the time of late summer/early Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, the Bitcoin price formed a bottom on the charts. Since that time, the price of Bitcoin has been on the rise once again.

The first upleg in Bitcoin’s worth lasted slightly more than 4 years, from January of 2009 to November of 2013. The price gains were so spectacular that the value got a little ahead of itself. Bitcoin spent the next two years consolidating its gains, and forming a base from which it will launch its next multi-year upleg in price. We are predicting that the second major upswing in the Bitcoin price has started, and just like the first, it will take the price of Bitcoin to heights that most people cannot imagine.