Bitcoin Price Forecast

Bitcoin Price ForecastIf you’re not already deeply involved in Bitcoin, you’re probably wondering where the price is heading. Glad you asked. We are happy to provide our Bitcoin price forecast for this year, 2017, as well as our long term forecast.

If you’ve been reading our Bitcoin news section, you’re already aware that there is a battle going on for control of the Bitcoin protocol. The entrenched mega banks fully understand that Bitcoin is a threat to their core business. They’ve been attacking Bitcoin and have shills within the Bitcoin community who are paid to attempt to change Bitcoin in a way that favors the banking oligarchs.

To be quite honest, the bankers are bad-mouthing Bitcoin relentlessly, and provide mainstream news outlets with anti-Bitcoin propaganda that is helping create unease in the general public.

In spit of the battle with the bankers, Bitcoin has doubled in price in the last 6 months. We fully believe that Bitcoin will prevail and experience impressive price gains in the comings months and years. Our near-term price forecast for Bitcoin is for it to skyrocket before 2016 is over, and reach $2,000 USD.

In 2017 we believe Bitcoin will reach $5,000 USD.

Long term, meaning 10 or more years from now, we are very confident that Bitcoin prices in most of the world’s major currencies will have soared, and the U.S. Dollar price of Bitcoin will be many multiples of what we forecast for 2017.